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Rites and Rituals

30 Minute - Activation Rites $50

Bangs, undercuts, short hair cuts and dry hair shape-ups up to 4 weeks from your previous appointment. A brief energizing ritual to quickly get your shape back! All services are transparent, time based pricing.

45 Minute - Reconnection Rites $65

Above shoulder to medium/fine longer length haircuts, extended dry shape-ups, up to 6 weeks from your previous visit. New clients MUST book 1 Hour option for cuts unless discussed in consult.

1 Hour - Definitive Rites $111

Extra long haircuts, thick hair and quick treatments such as waxing, deep conditioning treatments and hot iron styling. This appointment can also be booked for extended pampering time, such as additional scalp massage. New clients must book this appointment to bypass initial consultation.

*Special* 1 Hour - Luxe Moisture Boost Ritual $95

An impactful, deeply moisturizing hair treatment! Treat yourself to the Luxe Moisture Boost Ritual! Includes extended scalp massage, curated moisture treatment and hair steam process. Can be booked as a stand alone service or added to any other ritual!

1.25 Hour - Transformative Ritual $145

Transformative root touch ups, glosses and quick color changes for fine to medium hair, 3-5 weeks from your previous color appointment.

1.5 Hour -  Elevatation Ritual $180

Partial and face-framing highlighting, root touch ups with highlights, quick balayage for fine to medium hair. Root touch ups with glosses and/or haircuts for medium to thick hair.

2 Hour - Ascension Ritual $222

Full color services, most balayage, highlights and partial babylights for fine to medium hair. Partial highlights and root color with highlights on thicker hair.

2.5 Hour - Crown Ritual $288

Full balayage, highlights, babylights or full transformative colors such as blonding and fashion colors start here. Most amount of time for new client services. A 2.5 hour ritual might include a full highlight, gloss, haircut and style.

3 Hour - Manifestation Ritual $388

Complete transformative hair services such as keratin treatments, fashion colors, and color corrections. A 3 hour ritual might include a full blonding process to prep for fashion colors or full balayage with root color, multiple glosses, and/or haircut/style.

Intuitive Rituals

Tarot Reading - $25 per 15 min

I've been reading tarot for over 15 years. I use my intuitive gifts to help others heal, gain clairty and insight. Readings can be done via video or in salon.

Intuitive Energy Work - $33 per 30 min

Intuitive energy work is a holistic healing practice that works to balance the energy flow within the body, helping to release blockages to promote a sense of relaxation and calm. Based on well established principles of physics and biology, energy work is a simple way of allowing flow to allow us to heal from the inside out. Whether you're struggling with physical pain, emotional stress or stagnation, intuitive energy work can be a powerful tool to helping aid healing and transformation. I am Reiki certified and use my intuition in my daily work as well.

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