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Neyda Cervantes

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist
Voila Hair + Day Spa

16 Elmwood Avenue, Westbrook, ME

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Freakin' Fall!

Here we are, Friday the 13th of November 2015. The year is flying by and the beauty trends have been great to horrific this year. I'm telling ya. Ombres were out and "sombres" had a moment. Pixelated hair to tie-dye to turtoise shell color. Even right now, "glitter roots" are definitely a thing! (Link here) Which is great if you want to look like the 90's threw up on your outgrown roots. Honestly, if you're gonna wear your roots, wear them proudly! With honor! In this day, there are few people I know that don't at least put a temporary color in their hair. So unless you have an excess of glitter and stay far away from me (because if I wanted glitter, I'd apply to myself, thanks), then glitter root away! Ah, rant over. Anyways, the holidays are around the corner and holiday parties are soon to come. Braided, loose updos and soft, textured waves always stay on trend from summer to New Year's Eve. Runways have showcased these looks from Tom Ford to J. Crew. Ready to try it?

From November 28-December 31st, I'm offering the Holiday Makeover Experience! Choose between two sets of services, Glaze (blowout included) + Makeup application or Updo + Makeup application for $55! I look forward to beautifying you this holiday season!

Much love,

xoxo Ney

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