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Neyda Cervantes

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist
Voila Hair + Day Spa

16 Elmwood Avenue, Westbrook, ME

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I'd like to let y'all know the good news! I have completed my apprenticeship at TC Brows and am now accepting new clients for Microblading! (TC Brows is located below Voila Hair and Day Spa, down the stairs on the left of the salon.) Here is a couple of things to know if you are curious of microblading direct from TC Brows website, which you can reach by clicking here. Here are a few FAQ's that can help a lot of y'all out there as well:

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is carried out by a qualified technician using a special hand held-tool which holds disposable microblades. The micoblade is dipped into a custom pigment chosen by your brow technician and applied to your skin through a hairstroke design. This procedure is semi-permanent as it only goes as deep as the epidermis. Microblading lasts up to 1-3 years…18-24 months is a normal time frame.

How does it work?

The required pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin with the disposable microblade which allows the technician to create crisp hair strokes to mimic the look of a natural eyebrow hair.

Who can have Microblading?

With all semi-permanent makeup procedures it is the practitioner’s responsibility to make sure that there are no contraindications to treatment. If there is a medical condition, it will be addressed at the time of the appointment to decide if microblading is recommended. REMEMBER: We have your best interests in mind.

How long does the pigmentation last?

Microblading tends to last between 18-36 months and after this period of time, your brows will need a touch up to keep them looking fresh and gorgeous.

Does it hurt?

Like all semi-permanent procedures microblading will require a topical anesthetic which can be topped up throughout the procedure making it relatively painless.

How much does it cost?

Microblading starts at $450 which includes consultation, initial procedure, and a single touch up when needed. Additional Touch Ups are $150-$250 depending on the fading of the microblading

To book an appointment or for any questions, please call 207-536-0911! Thank you to all who have helped me on my journey and a very special thank you to Tracey Chambers for being the best mentor I could ask for as well as Kyra Ellis for always giving me a helping hand! Below, will be a couple of pictures of my most recents work. I look forward to helping you get the brows of your dreams!

xoxo Ney

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